Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Bad Case of "It Wasn't ME!"

So, Andy and I are slightly nervous that Sammy may have a bad case of tattle-telling and blame-shifting when he gets enough language to do so. Here's a funny story to demonstrate the concern...

Whenever Caedmon looks at Sammy, touches Sammy, takes a toy from Sammy, etc...Sammy begins to cry (not real tears) and says with a disgusted look on his face, "Kay-Kay. Kay-Kay." Most of the time, I can't blame him. Caedmon has not really developed the art of being gentle, kind, and generous. Often the tears are indeed provoked, at least to some level.

The other day, however...

Andy walked in the room to find Sammy messing with his computer. Sammy knows the computer is off limits and when he saw Andy walk in the room, he took off running down the hall, 'crying' and yelling, "Kay-Kay" all the way. Caedmon was not even in the room, but rather out in the living room watching his TV show!

It's amazing how innate the tendency to shift blame can be...and not just in 2 year olds!

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