Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guest Blogger: Kendall Hibiske "You're Invited..."

Thank you, Stacie, for allowing me to hijack your blog!

If you know Stacie Wood, you probably know she’s pregnant. If you know her well, you probably know what an amazing gift this little girl is to her family and to the world! We are so excited to welcome Karis Joy, due November 9th. Just a few more weeks! I am so ecstatic I can hardly contain myself.

Stacie is the kind of friend to me that you only have a few of in your whole life if you’re lucky. We’ve been through so much together. She was my college roommate, and has been my dear friend through thick and thin. We lived in Texas after we were both married, attending the same school, and now we live in California together serving at South Bay Church! She was even present to see the birth of both of my precious baby girls, now 22 months and 12 weeks!

I am pleased to announce that we are hosting a very special baby shower for Stacie this Saturday October 12thAll South Bay Church ladies are invited! We want to take any and all measures to get the word out because we did not do any form of personal invite.  We have a facebook event, we put it in the program, and we have been posting this nifty little digital invite above all over social media.

 Please come by and say hello! We really just want to bless Andy and Stacie and celebrate their little miracle together as a church! Hope to see you there!

Kendall Hibiske

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party

Caedmon (who is never shy to ask for EXACTLY what he wants, no matter how big or small) always comes up with these elaborate ideas for his birthday. We've done StarWars, a camping trip, and this year it was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Those turtles were quite popular when I was in middle school, then seemed to hide out in the sewer for many years, and are now making a major comeback. Welcome back, boys. Welcome back.

I now know each turtles' name, color mask, and weapons of choice. Important stuff, I tell ya.

Dirt cake...because life in the sewer is pretty dirty.

The amount of food coloring and artificial ingredients in these cupcakes makes me cringe. I felt guilty for serving them, but they turned out pretty cute. And most importantly, Caedmon loved them!

As the kiddos arrived, they were given the opportunity to make their own numchucks (or as Caedmon likes to call them, non-jocks). Some foam tubing, orange duct tape, and some orange ribbon was all that was needed. It got a little crazy in our living room as more and more kids had weapons to hit each other with! A 7 year old boy's dream!!

Once all the party guests had arrived, they (just like the Ninja Turtles) were exposed to some toxic green goo (green jello) which mutated them into Ninjas. Mutation is underway in the picture below.

Our mutated ninjas with their weapons. Also, Spiderman decided to randomly make an appearance?

Now the ninjas were ready to undergo their first training exercise with Master Splinter Andy. They practiced throwing punches, kicks, and some very funny spinning moves.

After their training session, they were ready for their first mission: an invasion of the Foot Clan. Their ninja skills were required to destroy the evil Foot Clan before they could continue to spread.

Sammy discovered that numchucks were not nearly as effective as biting. I couldn't stop laughing as he'd go from one balloon to another, piercing it with his teeth until in blew up in his face!

Everyone knows that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles love pizza. So the next order of business was delivering 15 pizzas at a time in the form of a relay race. Pizza boxes were flying everywhere!

Our last activity was in honor of Michelangelo, the silly turtle who just always wants to have a good time. We had a silly string war, which was a ton of fun. My back patio may never be the same again!

Our "goodie bags" went home in the form of pizza boxes. I just found those pictures online, printed them on full page label paper, and stuck it right on the pizza box. It was pretty simple and turned out really cute!

The good news is that Sammy decided he ALSO wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party (at the end of October). At first I thought, "You can't do that. You have to choose something special for you." But then I thought, "Hey, that's a fantastic idea!!! Thank you, Sammy!" 

So all of my left over supplies will be put to good use. No more searching on Pinterest for party ideas or stressing over gathering materials. No more dreaming about Ninja Turtles or planning games. This exact same party will get an encore presentation later this month for a group of 4 & 5 year olds!

Booyakasha! Have a Turtle-Power kind of day, Dude!

Friday, October 4, 2013

A birthday letter to Caedmon

Dear Caedmon,

I am almost a month late writing you a birthday letter! It's no surprise really. I feel like our lives are picking up speed like a freight train on a downhill run. Gone are the long days of toddlerhood where I had to get creative with ways to fill up all our time. Those days were busy in their own regard (mainly cleaning up all the messes you made!). But now our days are full with homeschool, sports, and church activities. And I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

As your sister's arrival draws near, I find myself thinking a lot about your birth and infancy. I remember the look in your daddy's eyes as he supported me through labor. I remember laying in bed as a family of three just minutes after you were born with tears streaming down our faces. I remember being completely blindsided by how much I love you. I never knew love like that was possible. I remember what a sleepy baby you were...we'd try to wake you up to eat by taking all your clothes off, laying you on a hard table, and putting cold wash cloths on you! And we would laugh. At you in all your adorable cuteness.

It unbelievable to me that that was 7 years ago.

You still make us laugh with all of your hilarious comments and funny antics. You are a one-of-a-kind kid, and we adore that about you. You are the only child on your baseball team doing somersaults during practice. You're the only child I know who thinks of questions like, "What's the plan for BayKids when we move to two campuses?" and "Why didn't we put windows in the auditorium at the church?" Never met a 6 year old who is concerned about things like that.

*  You are INTELLIGENT- your memory is amazing, your vocabulary is surprising, and your ability to learn a new concept in math/language after one explanation makes my job as your teacher pretty simple.
*  You are CONTRARIAN- you disagree with most things just for the sake of disagreeing. (This is quite exhausting, by the way.) The other day I read you a book that had won the Caldecott Award. I told you to pay special attention to how beautiful the illustrations were while I read, so you closed your eyes and said you'd rather imagine them.
*  You are INDEPENDENT- you take your own showers, order your own food, and are almost always the first one out the door. Your dad and I think it's hilarious how you go sit in the van and read a book while waiting on the rest of us.

While you were 6:
  • you decided soccer was not your sport because it required way too much running
  • you grew to love homeschooling, not so much because of all the quality time you get to spend with your awesome mom, but more because you realize that we get done with school each day much earlier than all of your friends
  • your logic became so tight that I can't get around it. You regularly convince me to do things I was not planning on doing because I can't out-logic you!
  • you learned to tie your shoes
  • you made a million LEGO creations
  • you learned to swim in the deep end without a life jacket
I think it's funny how you would NEVER claim Sammy as your best friend, but you climb in his bed almost every morning to giggle and play. It warms my heart to watch your friendship and love grow for one another.

I could go on and on...about how you try to delegate and shamelessly ask for help with all your unwanted responsibilities or how you couldn't care less about other people's opinion of you. I could mention how you're quite motivated by money (earning it, spending it, losing it). I could write about how you are extremely competitive, how you belly-laugh at your dad, or how you write me unprompted love notes. Oh, Caedmon, I love you so fiercely, with all of your strengths and potential and quirks. I love being your mom. I love being loved by you.

You grow and change so much every year...I wonder what this one will hold. I'm so thankful that I get a front row seat as your life unfolds. You are my priceless gift from God.

Happy 7th birthday!