Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guest Blogger: Kendall Hibiske "You're Invited..."

Thank you, Stacie, for allowing me to hijack your blog!

If you know Stacie Wood, you probably know she’s pregnant. If you know her well, you probably know what an amazing gift this little girl is to her family and to the world! We are so excited to welcome Karis Joy, due November 9th. Just a few more weeks! I am so ecstatic I can hardly contain myself.

Stacie is the kind of friend to me that you only have a few of in your whole life if you’re lucky. We’ve been through so much together. She was my college roommate, and has been my dear friend through thick and thin. We lived in Texas after we were both married, attending the same school, and now we live in California together serving at South Bay Church! She was even present to see the birth of both of my precious baby girls, now 22 months and 12 weeks!

I am pleased to announce that we are hosting a very special baby shower for Stacie this Saturday October 12thAll South Bay Church ladies are invited! We want to take any and all measures to get the word out because we did not do any form of personal invite.  We have a facebook event, we put it in the program, and we have been posting this nifty little digital invite above all over social media.

 Please come by and say hello! We really just want to bless Andy and Stacie and celebrate their little miracle together as a church! Hope to see you there!

Kendall Hibiske

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