Wednesday, January 30, 2013

14 Love Letters

As part of the 14 Day Love Challenge, we are writing our husbands one note per day for the 14 days leading up to Valentine's. Is there anything more encouraging than specific, heartfelt admiration from someone you love? Our men are going to feel like a king by the end of these 2 weeks (at least that's the goal!). 

Don't get too overwhelmed with the length of these letters or the paper you use to write them on. Index cards are totally fine! Coming up with topics, however, can sometimes be a challenge. So I've come up with 14 different topics to help get you started! Have fun!
  1. A physical attribute that you love
  2. Something he's good at that you're not
  3. A favorite memory from dating
  4. One area where he excels in his job
  5. Something that makes him an exceptional father
  6. A favorite memory from this past year
  7. One area you've noticed growth in him
  8. Something quirky he does that makes you laugh
  9. A quality in him that you admire & hope gets passed to your children
  10. Something you're looking forward to experiencing with him
  11. Reaffirm your "till-death-do-us-part" commitment to him
  12. Praise his leadership (leadership comes in all shapes and sizes)
  13. Something he does around the house that you appreciate
  14. Thank him for his financial provision for your family (remind him that you are proud of him and content with whatever standard of living his job allows OR apologize to him that you have not always been content and you are trying to change this)
Serve him gladly. Love him well!

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