Wednesday, March 11, 2009

C3-- Creating a good environment at home

Notice Bishop TD Jakes looking over our head!

We got to spend the afternoon/evening with our godsons, Joshua & Nicholas. They came with us to the conference on Friday night.

A few weeks ago Andy and I had the opportunity to go to the Creative Church Conference (C3) hosted by Fellowship Church in Dallas, TX. It was amazing! Since that time I have totally fallen off the wagon with blogging, but I still wanted to share with you some of the insights that I learned at C3. So I am going to do a series of posts, each highlighting one thing I learned while at the conference.

The first thing I went to was a High Tea for pastor's wives. While we were there we talked about the importance of creating an environment that your husband desires to come home to. This can be tricky, especially for people with young children who seem to take it on as their personal mission to destroy any sense of peace and tranquility that you attempt to create! One pastor's wife noted that it's important to talk with your husband about his expectations, needs, and desires. He may value things that I don't realize and may not care about other things that I'm stressing myself out about.
Another good tip was to have your husband give you a call or send a text when he's on his way home. That way you have a few minutes warning to straighten up the house or whatever the need may be. With a two year old, I may have straightened the house 20 times that day, but if Andy walks in at the wrong moment it won't look like I've cleaned in months!

And even with these good ideas, it's important to give yourself grace. Your house will not always be peaceful. A home-cooked meal will not always be on the table at 6 PM. Your kids will not always be cheerful and playful when Daddy gets home. It's real life and grace is required!

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