Thursday, June 25, 2009

LOTS of Pictures

Andy, Caedmon, and I recently enjoyed a trip to Michigan to visit Andy's family. This was our first time to see them in almost a year. It was such a great trip! The pictures below are from our time with Andy's mom. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at Andy's mom's house so I don't have ANY pictures of our time with Andy's dad's side of the family. Sad times. I'm hoping that I get some via email and, if so, I'll make sure to post those later.

Caedmon refused to ride in his stroller through the airport because he was so excited about his new suitcase. He's wearing his pajamas because we took the red-eye.

James, Samantha, & Leah

Carrie & Chelsea

Grandma Marcy & Caedmon

Pete, Andy, & Caedmon

Andy with his brother Dalton
(playing with the iPhone)

Andy's other brother, CJ, is the one in white.
He pinned both of his opponents in less than a minute!

Caedmon The Giant Hot Dog
at the Henry Ford Museum

CJ & Caedmon

Me & my boy

Riding the Carousel

The family outside of Greenfield Village

Andy's other brother, Josh with Caedmon
(I know, I know, he's got a lot of brothers!)

Group shot at dinner

Marcy with her boys
4 sons and one grandson
I'm her only "daughter" so I get spoiled!

Grandma Marcy says she gets to spoil Caedmon a lot whenever she sees him because she doesn't get to see him that often. Every time I turned around it seemed she was giving him another present or some ice cream or something! She's an awesome Grandma!

Me, Andy, Josh, and Jamie

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