Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This is a video we showed at South Bay this past Sunday as Andy taught about peace. I hope it encourages you to trust God, even with the painful and difficult circumstances in your life.

Peace from South Bay Church on Vimeo.

I wrote the following letter back in March. I debated whether or not to post it because it is so personal. But I know there are so many women who have experienced this, so I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my heart.

I think about you everyday.
I love you as if you were already in my arms.
I imagine what you will look like~ the color of your hair & eyes.
You are apart of my heart, a missing part of our family.
Every month I hope for you. I have dreams about you. I calculate when your birthday will be and how old your big brother will be when you come.
As hard as I try not to hope for you, I still hope every month...
I'll keep praying for you. And I will wait.
The incomprehensible bond between my heart and yours exists even before you do. The mystery of motherhood.
One day I will hold you.
And I will kiss your face and stare at your every feature, trying to memorize each expression.
So today, we cannot cuddle in the rocking chair or stroll together outside. I can't watch you discover your hands for the first time or listen to you breathe. But one day we will.
And until then, I want you to know that long before you are...you are wanted.


Vanessa said...

this is awesome. this is what true peace is really about. Like you wrote your friend "Gods timing is perfect", he will bless your family with a baby according to his plan. I pray for your church and family during my quiet time. Thanks for the message.

Mandy Santos said...

love you girl and praying for you guys!

shauna said...

Ben told me to watch the video...You spoke so clearly and from the depths of your heart. God is pleased. Your story and your sacrifice of praise will be eternally used for His Work. My heart cries out before the throne for the blessing of a child in your family as He sees fit.