Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Pics

Caedmon REALLY enjoyed Halloween this year. He dressed up as a train conductor. We visited a few friends' houses and then ended up at the Lockett's house where we had soup and handed out tons of candy. Handing out the candy was definitely Caedmon's favorite part. He loved seeing all the other kids' costumes. He stood by the door the entire night!

Caedmon with Rebekah & Capo.
Poor Capo hated his squirrel costume, but he was pretty darn cute!

Caedmon handing out candy with Marissa

Caedmon handing out candy with Mommy

Caedmon was SUPER wound up when we got home that night. Way too much candy! The result was him stripping down naked and running around our house screaming, "I'm Buzz Lightyear!" (Sorry, no pictures of that one.) He did not fall asleep that night until 11:00 PM! We were ever so thankful that Halloween coincided with the time change this year and think that the government should mandate it so that happens every year!

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