Thursday, December 10, 2009


Sorry I haven't blogged very much lately. We've been a little "busy". In the past couple of weeks Caedmon has:
  • cut his own hair
  • broken my friend's large floor vase
  • attempted to fill up his wooden puzzle with pee-pee
  • poured a water bottle down a bookshelf
  • dumped a new bottle of baby wash down the sink at a friend's house
  • taken off his bedding (including the vinyl protective sheet) to pee and poop directly on the mattress
  • poured a bottle of face wash astringent on top of his head
  • required us to call Poison Control on two different occasions
  • broken a Christmas present we bought for a friend, and
  • stopped taking a nap.
I hope you understand my absence from the blogosphere.


Cristine said...

Hey'm so have been busy! I thought of something when I was reading your post, but you can disconsider if you don't agree ok? It's just a thought because I dont really know how this works in the USA...but here in Brazil, at 3 years old, most kids are already at school (I'm actually a rare case since I don't want to put Tiago until his 3). At 3, they have SO much energy and curiosity that "home" becomes too "little" sometimes. They need more stimulation, activities, exploration, etc...but I know I'm not there and I'm not his mommy, so you guys are the best ones to judge what he's going through and what he needs! Will be praying for you guys!!! Love, Tine

Mary Lu said...

stacie, do you have a contact mom from growing families international? Chris and I use ours all the time, we usually have to tighten our funnel. Let me know if you need help locating yours.