Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Power to Bless

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it,
when it is within your power to act.
                                         Proverbs 3:27

Today as I was reading my Bible, I came across the verse above. It made me think, "Who in my life is deserving of something good? Who do I have the "power" to bless?"

I began thinking of different individuals at South Bay Church...leaders and volunteers who invest so much into the ministry there. I would love to do something to bless each of them! Then I started trying to think of other people, those I don't yet know, who are making a difference in our community. So, I went online to try find some organizations in Santa Clara County who are blessing our community. I think it would be so cool if my small group could do something this Spring to serve one of these organizations. These are the ones I've discovered so far:
  • The Family Giving Tree
  • Sobrato Family Living Center
  • Sacred Heart Communtiy Service
  • Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen
  • City Teams
I would love to hear any feedback on these organizations or others in our community that I don't know about yet, so please leave a comment. As Christians, we should constantly be looking for ways that we can love and serve those around us with the love of Jesus Christ. God has blessed my life so much and I want to be a conduit of His blessings into other peoples lives as well! Who do you have the power to bless today?

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