Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Rewind

Yesterday was an incredible day at South Bay! Andy continued in the 3rd week of our message series called "The Ghost" with a message about spiritual gifts. He taught from the book of Esther (which was really cool because I don't think I've ever heard a message about spiritual gifts from the book of Esther). His emphasis was that God has given each of us something...a position, a talent, a passion, an interest, a resource...and it is our great opportunity to get to use that for the glory of God.

My favorite quote was, "The greatest privelege you could ever have is to yield your life to God and let him use your gift." There is nothing that compares to knowing that God has used your life to change someone else's life. We each have that potential inside of us...we just have to choose to use the gift we've been given.

At the end of the service, Andy gave the opportunity for people to sign up to join one of our volunteer teams. We had about 50 new people commit to using their gifts to serve Christ yesterday! Andy said to everyone, "This is not about what we want FROM you. This is about what we want FOR you!"

What a privelege it is to get to invest your life into something bigger than you are! Something that really matters. Something that changes peoples lives, not just for this life, but for all of eternity. That is a vision worth sacrificing for!!!

One other highlight was that South Bay took up a special offering for a missionary who lives in Haiti and is helping with the relief efforts. We will be sending him a check for over $1500. Thanks for all of you who contributed toward that!

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