Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dossier is in the Mail!!!

Not sure if you could hear me squeal from where you are, but we finally got our completed dossier in the mail yesterday!!! All of the paperwork for the adoption is done (until we actually get to Ethiopia)! Our adoption agency should be receiving the packet, which was literally an inch and a half thick, on Monday which they will meticulously review and hopefully ship off to Ethiopia next Friday, February 5.

If everything follows the timeline that I have received, we should probably receive our child's photo and name in about 3-4 months and then travel to get him in another month or two! PLEASE continue to pray with us that we could go get him by this summer. We don't want to get stuck waiting for the courts to close/reopen this Fall.

So, what now? Well, we are getting our apartment ready for our newest addition. We sold all of Caedmon's furniture to make room for bunk beds! Caedmon is SOOOOOO excited to get bunk beds and to have a brother to share them with. It's like a sleep over every night! We ordered the new furniture and I'll post some pictures once we get them set up.

The other thing I am working on is raising money. We mailed off a check for $7,500 yesterday. That was painful. There are several agencies out there that provide partial grants for families wanting to adopt. So I am filling out applications, gathering references, and making lots of trips to the post office. I feel like I'm back in high school applying for endless college scholarships! We are also going to open an account through one of these organizations where our friends and family can make a tax deductible donation. The account has not been opened yet, but if you are interested just let me know and I can get you more info.

Thanks for praying with us throughout this journey!!! Such joy.

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