Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 28 Memories from my 28th year

5 Bad / 23 Good Memories:

5 Bad Memories:
1- The trip home from Ethiopia with Sammy. Read about that here.
2- Swine Flu (for me & Caedmon). Read about that here.
 3- Freezer going out on us 3 times
 4- Caedmon opening his Christmas presents TWICE before Christmas day
 5- Caedmon on Albuterol-- INSANITY! (I have a video of this, but it is too scary to share.)

23 Good Memories

1- Meeting Sammy for the first words to describe this moment.
2- Watching Tiana be presented with her van given by members of South Bay. Watch the video here.
3- Snuggling in bed with Caedmon in the morning-- his face pressed against mine.
4- Speaking at South Bay on Mother's Day
5- Receiving our referral call and seeing Sammy's picture for the first time on Mother's Day weekend
6- Celebrating 24 Baptisms- each one is so special to me, especially if I know that person's story
7- Caedmon's first day of preschool
 8- Watching Andy's dad watch Andy preach on Easter Sunday
 9-Finding out that more than just my mom reads my blog...I now have a whooping 14 followers! (don't be jealous, all you bloggers out there)

10- Attending C3 in Texas with the South Bay staff
11- Celebrating our 7 (SEVEN) year anniversary in San Francisco--best anniversary yet!
12- Seeing God provide thousands upon thousands of dollars for our adoption expenses. NOTHING is too big for Him!
13- Watching all 3 of my boys do the "Monster Dance" in their PJs after bath time (video footage to come)
14- Celebrating South Bay's one year anniversary in February...Cardboard testimonies...God has done so much so soon.

 15- Family vacation to Lake Tahoe- our last big "Hoorah" with Caedmon as an only child
16- Attending the GLO conference in Corpus Christi, TX with my college roommate, Kendall
17- Being apart of EPIC Church's first Preview Service in San Francisco--EPIC is the first church plant that South Bay is partnering with...may there be many, many more!
18- Gotcha Day- August 17, 2010...Sammy joins his forever family
19- Experiencing South Bay's growth from one service, to two services, to three services, to looking for a more permanent facility
20- Watching Sammy see the ocean for the first time
21- Being apart of a church staff that TRULY loves each other
22- Weekly date nights with the most amazing man I know
23- The peace of knowing that I am where God wants me to be doing what God wants me to do.

the best is yet to come...

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Mary said...

Awesome! #29 The Jokisch Family has just purchased tickets to San Francisco for next summer! Can't wait to visit this awesome church we heard about in the area:)