Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This week Andy and I have been pulling off some major teamwork.

Poor Caedmon came down with the flu last Wednesday, has had fever as high as 104, and is still running a low-grade fever today making it a full 7 days. He has been quite a trooper. Sore throat, wretched cough, a little vomiting and the other stuff, plus a couple trips to the doctor... Nothing hurts a mama's (or daddy's) heart more than to see your little one hurt.

The boys and I have pretty much been quarantined at home for the past week as we are trying not to share our germs with the rest of the Silicon Valley. But quarantining a perfectly healthy 3-year old who already has boundless energy is a tall order. That's where the teamwork has come in.

I mentioned in my birthday letter to Sammy that we ended up having to call off Sammy's party and go to Plan B because of Caedmon's sickness. Both boys took it in stride without too much disappointment. Andy still took Sammy to Chuck-E-Cheese for the morning and Sammy thought it was extra special because he got to spend that time ALONE with Daddy.

Andy also took Sammy to church with him on Sunday while Caedmon and I cuddled on the couch. Another great outing for him.

But then there was Halloween. I thought for sure Caedmon would be better by Halloween. After all, that was Day 6! But no, his fever was still 101.

One of the Santos kiddos (Cailyn) was having a birthday party last night in conjunction with Halloween. The boys had been looking forward to it, but we didn't feel good about Caedmon exposing everyone else to his sickness. So once again, Super Andy flies to the rescue, and takes Caedmon out for some special boys time together. They got a milk shake, hit up a few houses for trick-or-treating, and came home early to watch a movie.  Sammy & I went to the birthday party and trick-or-treating with those friends. At the end of the night, both boys felt loved and had a great time.

 Buzz Lightyear & Optimus Prime

This is Caedmon's "I feel like crap but I don't want to miss out on trick-or-treating" face. 

This morning I thought Caedmon's fever was gone so I was going to try to run a couple errands with the boys because we are down to half a roll of toilet paper and one diaper. Everyone was dressed and ready but then Caedmon had a major meltdown. I think the thought of having to run errands was too much for him. Right at that moment Andy called. I said to him (in a shaky voice), "I don't know what to do. There are a few places that I really need to go." And so Andy (once again) put on his cape and helped me come up with a plan of how we could tag-team it and get it all done. I have one awesome husband!

Today I'm so thankful that:

  1. Sammy, Andy, & I have somehow avoided this bug
  2. I have an awesome husband who is willing to be a team player
  3. the director maintenance for our apartments just came by to fix something and randomly asked, "When's the last time the leasing office had your carpets cleaned?" Uh, never! "Have you ever asked them?" Yup. And we get denied. "I'll send a team over on Monday to clean them for you!" Ahhhh, Peter! You just made my week!!! 
The timing could not have been more perfect because I was literally about to change into some cleaning clothes and start steam cleaning my carpets durning nap time today. YAY!

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