Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gethsemane from a parent's point of view

Have you ever thought about Gethsemane from a parent's point of view? I was so gripped by that thought today as I read Mark's gospel account of Jesus' prayers. The translation I was reading from (Holman Christian Standard Bible) said that Jesus was "deeply distressed and horrified." He told His disciples, "My soul is swallowed up in sorrow- to the point of death." 

I always think about Jesus as my comforter. What happens when Jesus needs to be comforted?

The Bible says that Jesus prayed over and over again for His Father to take this cup away from Him. Surely His prayers broke His Father's heart. What parent doesn't want to do anything in their power to ease the suffering of their child? 

I think about my friend who has watched her child suffer through leukemia. Watching him wince with pain as he swallowed. Watching him vomit from all the chemo. Suffering in her heart while she watches her son suffer in his body. 

The only reason my friend allowed her son to be continually poked with needles and taken through countless uncomfortable medical procedures is because she knew healing was on the other side. The pain was a productive pain. She knew there was no other way for Luke to live than to endure the pain. 

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness that God loved me enough to not take that cup away from Jesus. He had Jesus endure the pain because He knew there was no other way. Not if I was going to be able to live. 

But I know that Jesus wasn't the only one suffering that day. I know the Father was also swallowed up in sorrow. His heart must have ached to rescue His son from the pain He was about to take on. 

We should thank Him today that He loved us so much that He would allow Jesus to suffer on our behalf. 

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