Monday, September 3, 2012

Homeschooling: August Review

Well, I'm here to admit that I am enjoying homeschool much more than I thought I would. I'm pretty sure that's because the Littles are enjoying homeschool much more than I thought they would. We're 3 weeks in and, so far, I haven't received any "push back". That is a huge sigh of relief (especially if you know Caedmon!). :-)

Another reason I think I've been pleasantly surprised is because I had honestly set my expectations very low... like near the line of self-inflicted punishment. (I told you that I never saw myself as a homeschool mom!) But, alas, we are actually having a blast and I'm so thankful that we decided to homeschool.

I thought maybe once a month or so, I'd post some photos of what we've been up to. This is a look at August...

Our first unit of study was all about Creation.
The boys illustrated each day of creation and turned their drawings into a book. It is quite 
adorable to hear Sammy retell the story of Creation. He starts every day by saying, "On 
the 2nd day, God made..." 

We went on a photo scavenger hunt outside to find things that were created by God 
and made by people. Then we sorted them on a big poster. 

Caedmon insisted that we needed to have a "Creation Celebration" after we finished 
studying about all 7 days. So we made some cupcakes and shared them with friends. 

Yes, Caedmon is still in his of the perks of homeschool.

Our next unit was all about the Sun.

A homemade sun dial

I blindfolded the boys and had them do various things in the "dark" so that we could 
appreciate how much easier it is to do things when the sun gives us light. 

We painted a picture of the sun and are currently in the process of letting the sun dry 
out some grapes to make raisins. 

We've played some educational games...

Pattern blocks

Matching capital and lower case letters

Practicing some pre-writing skills for Sammy

Rhyming words

Sorting by color

Cutting & pasting

Initial sounds

Counting & graphing

We've also taken a few "field trips" this month including an unscheduled trip to Urgent Care :-), a trip to the beach, swimming at a friend's pool, and a family night at a San Jose Earthquakes soccer game.

So far, so good. September here we come!

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