Saturday, November 22, 2008

Confession: I'm really bad at...

I am really bad at anything that has to do with home decor, design, or fashion. Apparently the visual/spacial part of my brain never developed. I don't know where to hang a picture. I don't know how to pick out paint colors to coordinate with throw pillows and curtains. Some days, I don't even know if a certain shirt matches a pair of pants. (Andy has had to tell me before "That doesn't go together." True story.)

The other day Andy and I went to the mall. This is always a miserable experience for me because I hate to shop and going to the mall just reminds me of how out-of-style my clothes really are. I don't even know where to start. Knowing that I have a limited clothing budget it's always a dilema: Should I invest my clothing money in shirts or pants or shoes or accessories? Should I buy brands that look nicer and last longer or should I buy less expensive clothing so my money will go further?

After walking aimlessly through the mall on two different occassions, I decided to just go to Target and buy some shirts, but have resolved to buy a nice pair of jeans. I wear jeans almost every day of my life and I want a pair I feel good in. I have some money from my birthday that I've been saving for such an occassion, but I have no idea where to start. Almost every store sells jeans and there are 10 different styles at each store. Any suggestions on the best places to buy jeans?

(PS- Please keep in mind when making suggestions on where to shop that a "nice" pair of jeans is still relative...I don't plan on spending $200 on one pair!)

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aLi. said...

nordstrom rack on saratoga has a good selection of jeans from time to time. you can find big name brands for much cheaper there, although you might have to hem them. $40-$70 for a good long lasting pair. or tjmaxx and marshalls. :D hope you find some good ones! God bless!