Sunday, November 23, 2008

In My Opinion

This post is an addendum to my last one regarding my lack of visual/spacial intelligence. After reading my post, my dad responded that it sounds like I needed my sister. Let me explain why he would say that and how true it is...

When I was growing up, my sister (3 years older) loved to play "mommy" to me and I loved to let her. She did my hair every day until I was in middle school. She and I shared clothes until she went away to college (and it was a MAJOR crisis when she moved out and we had to divide the clothes). And virtually all the clothes we owned had been picked out by her. This should have been a red flag that perhaps I have a slight disability when it comes to fashion, but I just explained it by saying that I like her taste.

It got worse, not better. When Andy and I were engaged, I took Stephanie (my sister) with me to help me register. (Can you even imagine someone like me trying to register by myself? Can you say nightmare?) At first I was excited and motivated, but by the end of the day I was in tears and she had the scanning gun.

When shopping for my wedding dress, my mom and I narrowed it down to 3 options but I could not make a final decision. I told the attendant helping me, "I'll bring my Opinion next time." I'm not sure she realized I was talking about a person! My sister, therefore, picked out my wedding dress, my bridesmaid dresses, my china, and virtually everything else that I registered for!

Andy and I have moved 5 times since we've been married and 4 of those times, either my mom, my sister, or both have been there to hang pictures and put up decorations. One time a college student said to me, "I really love design and interior decorating! I could help you if you want me to!" How gracious! This comment was after I thought my house was decorated!

This is a major issue for me. I guess we all have things we're good at...this just definitely is not one of mine!

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Karis said...

that is hilarious, Stacie. Come on! Trust me! I am WORSE! I literally had never developed that part of my brain because my Mom grew up in a family that they didn't even have money to eat and not even mention interior decor or fashion. Seriously,I had zero picture on my wall and recently a big world map from Southwestern. LOL~

I am glad that it doesn't matter that much that I am handicaped in this area, coz you are AMAZING. I would be indeed very glad if I could be like you.