Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things I love about my husband...

* I love how he checks to make sure the doors are all locked at least twice each night.

* I love how he sings really loud in the shower.

* I love that he can never turn Caedmon down when Caedmon asks him to play.

* I love that he devotes so much time to personal prayer and is unashamed to pray out loud with great passion.

* I love how he sets out everything to make his coffee the night before (even grinds the beans) so he won't be loud in the morning.

* I love that no matter how hard he tries to be quiet, he is still one of the loudest people I know.

* I love that when we go to Chuck-E-Cheese, Andy has every bit as much fun as any child there.
* I love that he tells me he loves me about five times before he walks out the door and at the end of EVERY phone call, no matter how brief.

* I love how he takes Caedmon to Starbucks for "Boys' Club", pretending it's for Caedmon's benefit but we both know he just wants another latte!

* I love how he often accidentally leaves his keys in the front door and our neighbors stop by to tell us.

* I love how he never asks me to it clean up when Caedmon poops in the bathtub.

* I love that he takes a day off each week to spend time with me and Caedmon.

* I love the way he makes up songs about whatever he is currently doing that do not necessarily rhyme and have no tune or rhythm.

* I love that I am the one woman in the whole world that gets to be Andy Wood's wife. That makes me special!

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