Tuesday, October 13, 2009


On Friday Andy, Caedmon, and I were enjoying a lunch at Red Robin when Andy said to me, "Do you want to know what your birthday present is?" I thought he was just teasing me, but then he said, "Look up." I looked up and there stood my sister who I had not seen in over a year! They caught my response on video:

Happy Birthday to Me! from Stacie Wood on Vimeo.

We had such a great weekend together showing her around where we live and enjoying an awesome Sunday at South Bay Church. It was a huge effort for her to get here, but it meant the world to me that she came. I love you, Stephanie!!


Hyun-ah said...

awww this video made me cry! =)

Karis said...

This video made Hyunah cry.
Andy's mischievous laugh made me laugh.
All in all, I miss you guys bunches!

Stacie, I sent you a text message, but I guess you might not know it was my new number! Haha.... If I somehow dropped the ball, Happy Birthday again!

Mary said...

Watched it like 10 times! It made me feel loved. Priceless moment caught on tape.