Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Zoo Day & One Tired Kid

A few weeks back, Caedmon and I enjoyed a day at the zoo with our new friends, Christy and Abby. The weather was absolutely perfect, the kids got along great, and Christy and I actually got to enjoy some meaningful conversation (a rare treat for young moms)!

I thought for sure the kids would fall asleep in the car on the way home, but of course neither of them did. I wasn't even going to attempt naptime when we got home because it was after 3:00 and I didn't want it to affect Caedmon's night time sleep. I told Caedmon that I wanted him to have some "room time" which he readily agreed to. I noticed, however, that he was being rather quiet back there. When I went back to check on him this is what I found:

That kid was passed out on top of his train set with his duckie rain boots on! He has never fallen asleep like this! And normally, whenever I walk in the room he immediately wakes up. Well, I tried to wake him up because it was 5:00. I could tell he was still sleepy, so I just carried him to the living room to let him wake up slowly on the couch. This is what happened:

He just kept right on sleeping! With me moving around and talking and typing all around him. I could not believe how exhausted he was. Finally, at 6:00 I decided he HAD to wake up so I put his shoes on him and we left the house. That finally did the trick!

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