Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Matrimony

While at Catalyst West a couple months ago, Andy Stanley gave an awesome message (what message by Andy Stanley isn't awesome?!) about the need for Christians to take courage. He closed his message with a powerful charge, specifically focused at wives. So this week's Monday Matrimony comes to you via Andy Stanley.

And now, for your weekly bit of [unsolicited] advice...

Tip of the Week: Wives, you do not want to be the reason that your husband has to say, "No" to God.

I've heard more than a couple of painful stories where a family will move to some region of the US to start a church, only to move back home a couple years later because the transition was too difficult on the wife. For whatever reason (difficulty living without extended family close by, difficulty making new friends, difficulty with the start-up phase of a church, etc...) the wife was unable to continue so they returned home.

At least that wife had the courage to give it a try. There are many untold stories of wives who shoot down the idea before ever really considering the option.

There are countless of examples as to ways this might play out...
  • Your husband feels like your family should contribute more money to the church than you're comfortable with. 
  • Your husband feels your family should take on more responsibility in a certain area of church but you're hesitant because of the sacrifice that will be required. 
  • Your husband wants to go on a mission trip but you don't want to be left at home alone with all the kids. 
  • Fill in your own story here: __________________________.
The point is that there are moments in life when God will lead our husbands to do something that seems scary or too risky. I'm not saying that your point-of-view isn't valuable. God can use the wisdom of wife to provide balance and perspective to a man. But there will be times that you need to TAKE COURAGE.

In those moments, you will have to figure out how to strengthen yourself in the Lord. Get on your knees. Find a godly woman to encourage and challenge you. Don't allow fear to hold your family back from being everything God intends for it be.

As wives we can either be a solid, steady wind driving our husbands towards courage and godliness. Or we can be an anchor stuck in the sand slowing him down.

So my challenge to you today, Dear Wife, is to TAKE COURAGE. Do not be the reason that your husband has to say, "No" to God.

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Tricia said...

Great reminder. We all need to strive to be encouraging wives. :)