Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Once upon a personality...

Kids have such unique and distinct personalities. We all do, I guess, but it's more surprising to me in kids because it makes me realize that their personalities have so little to do with the shaping influences of their lives. Their character develops as a result of their shaping influences, but their personalities are gifts from God.

Take my two kiddos for example...

Caedmon's motto:
Life is one big competition.

Sammy's motto:
Life is one big party.

Caedmon can make a competition out of ANYTHING...who got to the door the fastest, who buckled their seatbelt the fastest, who got the most Cheerios & raisins at snack time, whose artwork is more beautiful, and (my personal favorite which he just came up with on Friday) who has the most poop.

Sammy couldn't care less about winning the race and the only thing he's concerned about when it comes to food is if there's more where that came from! That child laughs, spins, and jumps his way through life.

My role as their mom is to celebrate their unique personalities and draw out the strengths I see in them.

Caedmon is full of courage, determination, and opinions. His memory is astounding and he is able to communicate with amazing precision exactly what he wants to say.

One thing I love about Sammy is that he can't stay angry long. It only takes a little tickle or a flip upside down to get him laughing again. He brings joy to everyone who sees him...even total strangers are mesmerized by his long eyelashes, contagious grin, and friendly waves. 

I will be the first to admit that I am quick to lose sight of these wonderful virtues that my children possess. But each morning and evening as I pray for them, my Father reminds me of how much HE loves them and that they are two of His most precious gifts to me.

Today, let's all commit to remind our children of the things about them that make us marvel.

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