Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Andy found some $10 tickets to the Giants game last night so he and Caedmon had a special Daddy Date! It was a blessing on so many levels:
  1. Caedmon has been struggling lately with some behavior stuff / heart attitudes. Andy has really been wanting to get some one-on-one time with him to invest deeper into their relationship and to speak into his life. This was a very bonding experience for them.
  2. Sammy and I tagged along up to the SF where we all enjoyed dinner with the Pilgreen family. Sammy & I stayed at their house while Caedmon & Andy went to the game. ANYTIME I get with Shauna Pilgreen, it is an enormous blessing to me! I picked her brain all night.
  3. Andy & I enjoyed some great conversation in the car for the ride up & back. Love that!
Here's a few pics from the night...

 5 boys: 3 Pilgreens, 2 Woods
all enjoying some pizza before game time

 As usual, Sammy was the last man standing (or sitting)
at the dinner table. Slow and steady. Not a crumb left!

 Caedmon and Sam "playing" Monopoly
I would have loved to hear how far they actually got.

 Every child benefits so much from Daddy Dates

Notice Caedmon's glove.
He thought he might catch a home run!

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