Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mom Tip: Blame it on Wednesday

Breakfast used to be a mine field in our family. If I made one wrong move, Caedmon would absolutely blow up on me and then we'd begin a downward spiral of bad behavior & discipline. Not a fun way to start the day.

I'd hand him milk and he'd yell, "I wanted juice!"

I'd hand him orange juice and suddenly he wanted apple juice.

It was brutal. I'm not the type of mom that says, "Oh, okay. No problem. I'll get you some apple juice instead." No. I'm more the "Let me hear you say 'Thank you for providing something healthy and sanitary for me to drink'" kind of mom.

Not only was food selection a source of strife, but I found that the kids were eating the same thing most days. So, I came up with a little system because we all know a SYSTEM can:

Energy &

I made a notecard with our breakfast meal plan (which stays the same every week) and stuck it on the fridge. Now, each morning I just consult the handy-dandy notecard to figure out what the Littles are having for breakfast. No thought. No pressure. No walking on egg shells in fear of a land mine.

Sunday: eggs
Monday: yogurt (with or without granola)
Tuesday: cereal
Wednesday: oatmeal
Thursday: eggs
Friday: free choice
Saturday: cereal

That way if Caedmon says, "Why are we having oatmeal today?" I can respond, "Because it's Wednesday." Blame it on Wednesday. And for whatever reason, in his little mind, it takes all the responsibility off of me and puts it on Wednesday.

I love our little system and think I'll keep using it until the Littles are big enough to make their own breakfasts. If breakfasts are a mine field in your family, give it a shot. Once the kids adjust to the idea of the new system, you will find a lot less strife surrounding the breakfast nook!

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