Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Destined for Greatness?

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The other day Andy said to me, "Do you think every child has the potential for greatness, or do you think some kids can, at best, just be average?"

The question was coming from the fact that we pray great big God-sized prayers for our sons. Prayers like, "God, use these boys to change the world" and "God, use these boys to extend Your love to thousands of people." Almost every night as we tuck them in bed, we pray for them and tell them qualities that we see in them that we believe God is going to use for His glory someday.

The thing is, though, I know we're not the only parents in the world who are absolutely convinced that God has great things in store for their kids. In fact, I personally know of several families who pray and say the same type things for/to their kids like we do.

So the question remains, "Are all of these kids destined for greatness?" Are we, as parents, instilling false hope in our kids that God is really going to use their lives one day? Are we naive and foolish to believe that our children, through the power of the Holy Spirit, have the potential to change to the world?

What if our kids turn out quite average?

I guess the answer is found in how you define greatness. Jesus never defined greatness by the ability to draw a crowd or by being well-known or by excelling at some specific skill.

According to Jesus to be great in the Kingdom of Heaven means that you serve. He says the greatest commandments are to love God and love others. And everyone has the potential to do those things.

You may serve with a microphone in your hand in front of ten thousand people. Or you may serve with a stethoscope in your hand as you examen a child in a rural village in India. You may serve by using your creative energy and brilliance to invent some revolutionary new technology. Or you may leverage every resource God gives you to provide clothes, food, medical supplies, and education for people in bondage to poverty.

I believe with all my heart that each person God created is destined for greatness. Many never achieve it because they're pursuing greatness in all the wrong ways. But for those who will serve and those who will love, greatness is there for the taking.

Average? Not my child. And I pray not your child, either. They are destined for greatness.

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