Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thankful Journal

Perhaps the best addition to my life in the last month and a half has been buying a "Thankful Journal". 

Just a regular, blank journal that has totally been transforming my life and the way that I think. 

I'd heard of the ideas before...of keeping a journal of all the things I'm thankful for. But I never actually bought a journal specifically dedicated to that purpose. I just figured I'd include it in my journal that I keep for everything else- sermon notes, prayer requests, learnings from my quiet time. But in December, after being challenged by this awesome book on marriage, I finally bought a journal set aside only for thankfulness. 

I'm trying to write in it every Monday. Sometimes I write in it multiple times a week, but at least every Monday. I use it to focus my mind on the things that I am thankful for about my husband, my kids, my church, my position in life, whatever comes to mind.

I've found that the things in my life I feel most grumpy about are the things I need to force myself to find a reason to be thankful for. 
  • Is one your kids driving you nuts? Thankful journal
  • Do you find yourself nagging your husband? Thankful journal
  • Are you frustrated about your job? Thankful journal
  • Are you walking through a painful trial or crisis? Thankful journal
Whatever your situation, YOU HAVE A REASON TO BE THANKFUL. We all do. 

I tell you what, this new discipline is transforming my mind. Because whatever we focus our attention on (be it the gripes or the gratitude) THAT is what grows in our lives. 

Do you need a reason to be thankful? Start by focusing your mind on all the things in your life that you can already be thankful for, and I promise you that your blessings will begin to multiply. We miss out on so many blessings that God sends our way simply because we fail to recognize them and be thankful for them. I'm not talking about blowing sunshine and pretending like everything is wonderful in your life. I'm saying, even in the pit when everything around me is falling apart, I will choose to focus my mind on what is good. 

What are you thankful for today?

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