Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Experiencing Today

Today was an UNBELIEVABLY beautiful day in the Silicon Valley...the kind of day that I'm pretty sure it's borderline a sin to stay inside. The kind of day that makes me sing out loud even when others can hear me and skip instead of walk to my destination.

The Littles and I packed a lunch and rode our bikes to the playground. Well, actually, I packed the lunch and chased them (in my jeans and converse wearing a backpack) as they rode their bikes to the playground. But it was fun. And it was all the more fun because Mandy and her 3 Littles met us there! I think people think Mandy and I hang out all the time, but the truth is our lives tend to run on parallel tracks like toddlers who parallel play. We always know the other is there and most of our activities are similar, but it is a rare delight and special treat when we actually enjoy quality time together.

Mandy & I were talking by the swings while she pushed Efraim, when all of a sudden I noticed Caedmon in the bushes pulling his pants down! He was mid-squat when I yelled (in my 'Mom voice') "CAEDMON ELLIOTT!!" He jerked those pants up and stood there frozen like a deer in headlights.

When I got over to him I said, "What in the world were you doing?!?"

Caedmon replied, "I was trying to hurt myself."


He pointed to the bush with its prickly branches and I realized that he was not actually planning on dropping a load right there beside the sandbox, but rather wanted to see what it would feel like to sit his sweet lil' soft tushy on those sticks.

Mandy said, "Talk about needing to experience the world first hand!"

Maybe he's a tactile learner. I don't know, but it sure gave us a good laugh. I wish I had a picture of Caedmon's face when he got busted mid-squat. It was a combination of sneaky, embarrassed, and curious all wrapped up in a sheepish grin.

Ahhh....every family should have a Caedmon!

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