Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving Madness

Dear Blog-World,

I may be MIA this week due to the fact that we are moving this weekend, my husband will be out of town two days this week, and I have two small children. Our apartment looks like we are auditioning for the next season of Hoarders as we are up to our neck in cardboard boxes.

I'm not sure what it is about moving, but it is making me want to purge EVERYTHING! I am throwing away all kinds of "treasures" my kids have accumulated over time...treasures like kazoos, and yo-yos, and poker chips, and little spinny tops. And in the unlikely event that it occurs to them one day that they haven't seen that paper airplane in a long time, I fully intend to "blame it on the move". I'll say things like, "Hmmm, I haven't seen that since we moved. What do you think could have happened to it?"

So, please don't be annoyed with me for taking a break from the blog. Just PRAY FOR ME instead! And I hope to see you back next week...IF we get our internet and power transferred correctly to our new place!

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