Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

Today completes the 14 Day Love Challenge and if you hung with me, you have invested a ton of time, energy, and thought into your marriage over the last two weeks. One day, as I was preparing our candlelight picnic, I thought to myself, "This is a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work." I felt like God spoke to me in that moment to say, "How could your marriage NOT thrive when you are investing this much into it?"

Most of us would quickly affirm that our marriage and family are the top priorities in our lives. But often, those are the things we are the least intentional about. We may think strategically, set goals, and be quite disciplined in other pursuits in life. But we tend to float through family life without much thought.

God showed me through this 14 Day Love Challenge that we need to REVERSE that mindset. When I set mini-goals for myself in regards to my family (like candlelight picnics and love notes and lunch dates), I am motivated to stay focused on those. It takes some redistribution of my time, but it is worth the effort and the pay-out is amazing!

Here's a glimpse at our Valentine's celebration...

The night before our Valentine's breakfast, I realized that I didn't get any decorations or special things for the table. Hmm... time to get creative. So I pulled out some good ol' contraction paper and dangled paper hearts from the ceiling, found some red napkins left over from my friend's shower, and used Swedish fish to make a red heart on each plate. The kids loved it! When Sammy walked out the next morning he said, "Oooo, look it! Decorations! I like it!"

Last night after dinner, Sammy started jumping off the couch. Instead of stopping him, I decided to take pictures of him. Which turned into all of us jumping off the couch and taking pictures of each other. We had never done this before but it was A LOT of fun and I would highly recommend for you and your family to give it a shot!

A Storm Trooper joined our party. I love Andy's face in the pic below! :-)

I think I must have started having flashbacks from my middle school cheerleading days! Ha.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with those in your life who you love so much. But regardless of what your love life is like right now, there is a God in heaven who is ENTHRALLED with you and loves you to pieces! And we can all celebrate that!

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mel said...

you are amazing...I can't believe you can do the splits. Impressive! Also, investing in family is always worth it!