Monday, January 16, 2012

Will You Pray for Me?

I frequently get the question, "So what's your role around here [at South Bay Church]?" As the pastor's wife, I used to squirm a lot when trying to come up with an answer. I felt like I needed to present some defined role complete with a job description. But as time has passed, I've gotten more okay with having a fluid, as opposed to defined, role.

I used to run the kids' ministry.
Sometimes I'm an "official" greeter.
Occasionally I'll be on stage to do the welcome or even a bit of teaching.
Normally you'll just find me wherever Andy is...encouraging him, giving him feedback on his sermon, or grabbing him a bottle of water.

Perhaps my new favorite part of my role is praying with people.

Most Sundays Andy & I stand near the Hospitality table in between services. It gives us a great chance to meet new people and talk to anyone who wants to stop by. I'll be honest, this is not really my cup of tea. As South Bay grows, I often have no idea if the person I'm talking to is a first time guest or has been coming for 9 months. It's possible that they're already connected into serving and Life Groups and I just don't know them. It's even possible that I've met them several times and just don't remember. That is a bad feeling.

But you know what I love about standing over there and talking with people? I get to pray with a lot of them. Over the course of a conversation, people will share what is going on their lives, a need that they have, a decision they're trying to make, a struggle they're going through. Sometimes they will come right out and ask for prayer. Other times I'll ask them if I can pray for them.

On the way to church on Sundays, I ask God to guide me to the people He wants me to connect with that day. That way, I see every conversation as an opportunity to minister to or bless someone. When someone starts talking to me the thought often runs through my head, "You may be the reason that I'm at church today."

Yesterday I had conversations with 6 different people. After each conversation, I wrote their names in my journal and this week I will spend time in prayer for them. And next Sunday, I'll try to track them down to hear an update.

Six people out of 750 isn't very much. It's a very small touch. But if each of us go to church with the desire to touch just a few, our church will be full of life and warmth.

So next Sunday as you head to church, ask God who He wants YOU to love on that day. And if it's a Sunday that you feel like you're the one who's in need of a little love, stop by the Hospitality table and get a hug from me!

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