Monday, March 11, 2013

A 21 Day Prayer Journey to Easter

This weekend at South Bay Church, we encouraged our whole church to join in a 21 Day Prayer Journey leading up to Easter Sunday. The South Bay staff put together a booklet that was available for people to take home with a sample prayer for each day.

I thought it would be great to include our kids in this journey as well! So this morning at breakfast, I brought the prayer guide to the table and quickly read today's prayer to myself. It says:

Monday, March 11 - Prayer for God to Quench our Thirst:
Jesus, you said, “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me!” (John 7:37), so today I acknowledge that you are my thirst-quencher.  Help me to hunger and thirst for you more than anything else in my life.  Be my fountain of life.  Be my fulfillment.  Be my strength.  Fill my life with so much of you, that your Presence will overflow out of me touching the lives of everyone I interact with today!

Then I asked the boys if they ever remember a time that they were really thirsty. We talked about how we drink water when we get really thirsty. Then I said, "Did you know that sometimes our hearts get thirsty too? Sometimes we feel like we need more hugs or more kisses or more time with Mom & Dad. That shows that our heart is feeling a little thirsty."

At this point they were fully engaged and alert. Inquisitive eyes on me with a look that said, "Tell us more, Mom! We are right here with you."

Just kidding. Sammy kept asking if he could be all done and Caedmon was twirling 'round and 'round in his chair. Nevertheless, I pressed on.

I said, "Well, the Bible tells us that the ultimate way to quench our thirsty heart is by having Jesus fill up our hearts. The Bible says that He can give us Living Water that satisfies our thirst."

Then I read the prayer phrase by phrase and had them repeat each phrase after me.

I'm pretty confident they understood a whooping 10% of the whole interaction, but, hey, that's better than not having the conversation at all. Layer by layer, I tell ya. Laying a firm foundation!

I want to encourage you to join us in this 21 Day Prayer Journey. Whether you are a part of South Bay Church or not, I believe this journey will help us prepare our hearts for a fresh encounter with God this Easter! I will post the sample prayer of the day here on my blog in case you weren't able to get one of the guides.

Any joiners?


Anonymous said...

Sure, thanks for sharing! :)

Jane in TX said...

Great idea! Count me in.

Shauna Pilgreen said...

love it stacie. you're right...layer by layer. God uses it for sure. i'm in too!