Monday, March 4, 2013

Work in progress

I'm really glad God doesn't judge me by:

  1. the cleanliness of my stovetop
  2. how often I bathe my children
  3. how many unanswered emails are in my inbox
  4. my gardening skills
  5. the organization of my garage
How about you? Somebody humor me and let me know some area of your life that you are thankful is NOT the standard for receiving God's love.

Grace for me. Grace for you. Let's pass it around this week.


Gennie said...

My stovetop
My closest
How often I clean my windows
Too many more to list.
Thank you God for loving us where we are and thank you Stacie for this reminder.

BLM said...

Thank goodness we are not judge by God on:

-How we dress. I've been wanting new cloths for months!

-How punctual we are. My watch stopped working last year...need I say more

Thanks for the reminder of God's unconditional love Stacy! Have a great week.