Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Doing Life Together

Occasionally someone at South Bay that I may or may not know will tell me that they have been reading my blog. I always love it when people tell me they're out there because it inspires me to keep writing and it gives me a better idea of who I'm writing to.

Recently one sweet gal came up to me and began telling me how much she had been enjoying reading my blog. Then she said a phrase that made me laugh out loud and meant the world to me at the same time. She said, "I feel better about my life when I read about yours."

I loved that. I read (or avoid reading) plenty of blogs that make me feel worse about myself...I don't do enough crafts with my kids. My home looks like a single guy decorated it. My days are spent cleaning up messes and folding clothes while she's out writing books and changing the world. And on, and on, and on.

While it is not my goal to air all of my dirty laundry in cyber-space, it is a huge value of mine to be authentic. In my opinion, the last thing this world needs is one more person pretending like they've got it all together. We benefit a lot more from people who are willing to share their struggles, trials, and failures. It's the stuff life is made of, and the way we respond to those difficult moments will shape our lives.

We are ALL works in progress. We ALL have days that leave us cringing in frustration over things we wish were different. And, if we are willing to let the guard down and be authentic, we can ALL experience the grace of God that is ours for the journey.

So, let someone in today. Not in a TMI-weird-major-over-sharer kind of way. But in a let's-do-life-together kind of way. I'll splash some grace on you while you splash some grace on me. I'll follow your lead on paths you've walked before, and I'll invite to join me in the journey God has me on.

Instead of desperately focusing on our own image control, let's be willing to allow others to feel better about their lives when they look at ours. The road's a lot more beautiful when we do this journey together. 


marci said...

I know I read your blog and recommend it to others (especially those who have adopted children) because you are so real. Thank you.

Tara Cooper said...

*like (in place of the thumbs up)