Tuesday, June 11, 2013

IT'S A...

Last night was one of the happiest nights of my life. 

A few weeks ago my friend, Mandy, said she'd like to do some type of gender reveal celebration for us.    Boy, did she ever pull off something great!

Mandy is my "we're in this together" friend. She and her husband, Filipe, were the first to join us in taking ownership of the vision of South Bay. They sold virtually everything they owned, moved across the country with us, and have labored side-by-side with us as South Bay turned from a vision to a reality.We raise our children together, vacation together, and share life's ups and downs with each other. She has walked this whole journey with me emotionally...from the years of infertility, the excitement of pregnancy, the devastation of losing the baby, the timidity of beginning another pregnancy, and now this... 

Last night before the reveal she said (without crying, amazingly!), "I have prayed for this baby for the last 5 years." What a gift. What a friend. 

As I looked around at the friends who were gathered, I knew each of them knew our story. Each of them had prayed prayers on behalf of our situation. They grieved with us in our pain and were pulling for us every step of the way. The joy of last night was magnified because of the back drop of pain it was cast against. 

Mandy called in the A-Team of party planning and they pulled off such a special, beautiful, and fun party. (She promised me they would keep it simple. I told her I think she must have a different definition of the word "simple"!) It was a night full of laughter, excitement, hugs, and tears of joy. 

 Yummy desserts with an adorable banner

Everyone had to vote whether they thought the baby would be a 
"Bow" or "Bowtie". This group was betting on a girl! 

Here are the bowties. 

It was really late on the East Coast, but my sister & mom insisted that they wanted to stay 
awake and be apart. I Skyped my mom and Facetimed in my sister. Love technology!

No one at the party knew the gender. Even my friend who brought the balloons had 
someone else prepare the balloons for her. There was SO MUCH anticipation and 
excitement in the air! That moment was more wonderful than anything I had hoped for. 

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!

Here are all the girls celebrating another addition to our tribe! Don't let the silly faces 
fool you...at least half of these ladies were in tears moments earlier. What a joy to 
have friends who love you so deeply!

 Here's a 45 second clip of the reveal! I've watched it at least a dozen or two times!


Tasha Radford said...

Praise God! I am in TEARS! Wow...this is BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Stacie, I rejoice with you! And I must say, you look just beautiful! Have a wonderful day, Lisa

Emily said...

yay!! i was praying for a girl for you! i have one of each and feel so blessed that i do! i am taking my 7 year old girl today for mani/pedis and cherish those "girl moments" that we get to spend together. she will really balance out all of the gross humor that boys bring (and they smell better too:o) praying for you and your healthy little girl!