Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Prayer for the Princess

Our family shared a really special moment a couple weeks ago as we formally dedicated Karis back to God. 

At South Bay Church, we celebrate Child Dedication as an opportunity for parents, extended family, and close friends to publicly commit themselves to raising their child in a way that honors God. By no means will perfection be attained, but we vow to live our own lives according to the life-giving model of Scripture and to train our children to do likewise. 

As part of the dedication, each family had a chance to share around the table a special prayer for their child. Many of the parents had written something down to read to their child so that, in years to come, they can show their child the prayer.

I wrote Karis a poem that I wanted to share with you (see below). It will be framed and hang in her room so that we can pray it over her often as she grows.

We had the great joy of having Andy's mom, Marcy, and brother, Jon, with us to celebrate this special evening.

Karis was clearly quite excited about all of this!

Mi corazón.

Dear Daughter of Mine, 

You are the answer to a thousand prayers,
The fulfillment of desire so deep.
My heart dances with joy to watch your face
As you lie in my arms fast asleep.

You’ve done nothing to earn my affection
No mold to which you must conform
This rapturous love bursting out of my heart
Is yours simply because you were born.

You came wrapped in grace and tied up with joy
But you are more than a gift just for me.
You’ll bring grace and joy to the world God loves.
You were born with a sure destiny.

May you be a lover of Jesus
Following hard after the King.
In Him may you find everything that you need.
This world offers no greater thing.

I pray that you love without limits
Seeing others the way Jesus sees
With compassion and grace, believing the best
People are His priority.

I pray that your life sets the standard
Pure of mind and body and heart.
In this crooked and depraved generation
May your purity set up apart.
 May you be a woman of courage
Not buying in to the Enemy’s lies.
Dare to dream and think big and believe that He can
Your God has an endless supply.

The calling you have will take work to fulfill.
You’ll be tempted to settle for less.
But I pray that you are never content
With anything but God’s very best.

Keep yourself yielded to the Holy Spirit.
May your life overflow with His fruit
His power and anointing will rest on you
As He guides your every pursuit.

May you be secure in who you are.
You’re designed by the Master’s hand.
Uniquely crafted and sealed with His love
As apart of his Sovereign plan.

We will watch with anticipation
Of all God will do with your life
Your Daddy and I are cheering you on
And praying with all our might.

So today, before our family and friends,
We dedicate you back to the Lord.
May Jesus always capture your heart
For He is your great reward.

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Jane in TX said...

Beautiful family, beautiful & meaningful poem. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us!