Thursday, February 27, 2014


A middle school girl does poorly on a math test and thinks to herself, "I'm so stupid! How did I make that mistake? I just can't do math."

A middle school boy does poorly on the same math test and thinks to himself, "My teacher sucks. She can't explain anything. This test was ridiculous!"

The scenario above is a middle school example that totally captures the difference between how men & women (stereotypically) cope with difficulty. One turns the frustration inward and one turns it outward.

My whole life, every mistake and failure has felt incredibly personal. Like a reflection of my worth. And the fear of failure has crippled me from attempting great things. I prefer low risk/high probability of success options. I tend to be a mid-course adopter of any new idea or initiative...let those crazy risk takers roll the dice and, once the chances for success look pretty good, I'll jump on board too.

I can get in horrible, downward spirals of negative self-talk. Especially while doing laundry. (Anybody else?) Satan feeds me a whole buffet of lies and I stuff myself by tasting each one, often going back for a 2nd portion.

  • My whole life is wrapped up in menial tasks. Nothing I do counts for anything worthwhile.
  • I'm no fun at all. I feel sorry for my kids. I wouldn't want to have me as a mom either.
  • There's never enough time in the day. I am living in survival mode.
  • No matter how much I get done today, I'll have to re-do it all tomorrow. 

And on, and on that ugly, well-trodden path.

But no more. This is the year that I change the sound-track in my head. This is the year I start speaking God's truth louder than the lies that Satan tells me.

  • God has called & anointed me for this.
  • God has given me everything I need to do this.
  • There is more in me.
  • I can get better.
  • God is going to help me. 

I once heard Craig Groeschel say, "My language will not reflect limitations. My language will reflect nothing is impossible with God."


I've let my insecurity hold me back too long. This year I will lead with courage. I will believe that God can use my life to do things that seem so far beyond my capacity right now. I will do the hard work of removing obstacles in order to pursue dreams. There is more in me. 

David encouraged himself in the Lord. 
2 Samuel 30:6

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