Monday, February 17, 2014

Sick Day

Thermometer. Advil. Water bottle. Banana peel.

That's what's sitting beside me on my bedside table right now. Sick day = no fun.

I went to bed feeling crummy last night. Achy & chills, but no fever. I thought I was just exhausted from a long Sunday and not getting enough sleep the past few days. But as I slept fitfully for a few hours I could feel the achyness increasing and by 3:30AM I had a 102 fever. Bummer.

When mom gets sick, life gets complicated. Especially when mom is the sole source of nourishment for a 3 month old baby.

My husband is a rock star, and a saint, and an awesome example of what a husband/father should be. Not only did he totally readjust his morning to be able to stay home and help with the kids, he did it without ever giving me the slightest hint that it was an inconvenience for him. Love that man. I stayed quarantined in my room and just passed bottles out to him every 3 hours. Praying God protects the rest of my family (ESPECIALLY Karis) from this sickness!

Random side note, I wasn't sure whether or not I could give Karis my breastmilk while I'm sick, so I Googled it, of course. And wouldn't you know, that miracle liquid from God is exactly what's best for her even when I'm sick. In fact, the immunity that my body is building to fight off this sickness is being passed to her through my milk to protect her from getting it! Amazing. (The older boys are on their own though because I do NOT plan on passing out cups of my milk to everyone else in the fam. That's a little weird to me!)

So thankful my friend, Darlene, could come this afternoon to help with my kiddos so Andy could get a little work done. Thanks, Darlene!

I would totally appreciate your prayers as I feel like the timing of this sickness is less than coincidental. We are launching South Bay's Sunnyvale campus this Sunday (SIX DAYS!) and three of the people (2 staff members & me) who directly support Andy are sick today. Does anyone else see a pattern there? While your at it, please cover our whole staff and the Sunnyvale team with your prayers. Satan does NOT like to see the Kingdom of God gaining ground in the Bay Area.

That's all I've got for ya today. Nothing too spiritual or profound. Signing off, in my PJs in my bed!

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Jane in TX said...

I'm so sorry you are sick; Prayer for your healing, your family's continued health, and the launch of the SV campus is rising before the Throne of Grace, with love.