Monday, March 17, 2014

Take me out to the ballgame!

I am officially a baseball mom. 

I never wanted to be a baseball mom. Honestly, I don't even like baseball that much. I was hoping my kids would enjoy a sport where people actually move around, like basketball or soccer. But they like baseball, so I am a baseball mom.

Saturday was opening day. Last night I sat down with their schedules and wrote everything in on our calendar. Just wanted to let you know that if anyone needs to find me this Spring, I'll be at the ballpark. Evidently I'll be spending about 5 days a week there. Another mom told me that eventually your butt gets used to sitting on the bleachers. Kinda like riding a bike, I guess. 

Watching this guy, though. That makes it worth it. 
Because the boys are on two separate teams, Andy & I often have to divide and conquer. Andy was with Sammy on Saturday for his first-ever baseball game and he said it was amazing. Like Sammy came alive out there! At one point Sammy was positioned on the pitchers mound and every time one of his fellow 5-year-olds hit a ball off of the tee, Sammy would dive for it. And get it! He was in his element and had such a blast.

Caedmon was in his element eating a hot dog and drinking root beer! Ha. I think he'd like to wear those bright green crocs in the game if cleats were not required. He is such a funny kid!

Sammy was awarded the game ball and named "Player of the Game" for his hustle. He was so happy and proud of himself! It was a priceless moment.

Below is my "No-More-Yelling-At-Sammy-Card" that I created. Before you go thinking I'm a horrible person for ever getting frustrated with that sweet face, I'd like to invite YOU over to get the child ready for baseball one afternoon! Then you, too, will appreciate my little check list. 

Sammy is slow-moving, frequently loses things, and often can't even remember what he's looking for. This was a formula for unending frustration for Mom as I try to get them out the door for baseball multiple times a week. So I came up with a check list for Sammy to work his way through. He starts getting ready for baseball at 4:00. Computer time starts at 4:15 and we leave the house at 4:45. So if he takes longer than 15 minutes to get ready, he just eats away at his computer time. No sweat off my brow. (This was Andy's genius idea.) We created a tub for each boy to store all of his baseball stuff in for easy access. I sure hope this alleviates our headache. 

So, here's to sunshine, fresh air, snack shacks, and bleachers. May we make many wonderful memories and friendship this Spring through the great American game of baseball!

Play Ball!

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