Monday, January 12, 2009

Better late than never!

I took an unintentional vacation from blogging. Probably because the last month for me looked like this: Preview Service #2, computer crashed (kind-of), follow-up, Christmas, stomach bug, New Year's, Preview Service #3. I'm very sorry (especially to my family who loves to stay updated through my blogs). I'm back now...hopefully!

I know it's a little late, but I wanted to show you a few pictures from our Christmas. This was our first "California Christmas" and our first Christmas to NOT be with one of our families. It was quite different, but it was very special nonetheless.

My favorite part of Christmas was seeing how much of the Christmas story that Caedmon could understand! We bought him a children's book that explained the Christmas story and read it (what felt like) multiple times a day. By the time Christmas arrived, he could practically read it himself! It is so wonderful to have the privelege to teach your children about Jesus!

Caedmon's stocking. CC & Pops gave Caedmon that awesome little
table as their big Christmas present.

Andy's sister, Danielle, gave us both journals for Christmas.

My mom found a devotional book for Caedmon entitled, "His Mighty Warrior." It is so perfect because the name Caedmon Elliott means "a wise warrior who is near to God." We pray almost daily that God would grow this little boy into a mighty warrior for His Kingdom!

Caedmon got a firetruck from Mimi and Papa. They also gave him the firetruck pajamas that he's wearing. If you notice he's wearing a different pair of pajamas in the first picture, but when he opened the firetruck pajamas he started immediately taking off the other ones to put these new ones on! It was pretty cute! He is SUPER into firetrucks right now.

Uncle Teve & Aunt LaLa gave Caedmon a Bubble Machine. Spits out like a
million bubbles a minute. Super cool.

Best picture of the day! Our friends Rebekah and Archie came over and we played Wii all afternoon. This is Andy doing Yoga! (He was actually pretty good!)

I also have some super cute vido footage that I wanted to post but I don't know how yet. One of the videos is Caedmon opening his Elmo Live from Grandma Marcy. He was pretty excited!

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