Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Parent Training

A few weeks ago, during "Potty-Training Boot Camp", I was allowing Caedmon to have some type of treat/prize every time he successfully used the toilet. I had a big basket of prizes including little plastic dinosaurs, an assortment of juice boxes, and some food snacks. His favorite prize was a packet of the Spiderman fruit snacks. The problem was that he was getting multiple prizes a day and he always picked the fruit snacks. The result was bright green poop...looked just like a green tea frappuccino from Starbucks! Caedmon thought this was fantastic!

Eventually the fruit snacks ran out and Caedmon reluctantly resorted to picking the other prizes. But he was absolutely devastated when his poop was no longer green. As he cried, he kept saying a certain phrase over and over. Andy and I both listened trying to determine what he was saying. Then Andy busted out laughing when he realized that Caedmon was saying, "I want my green crap back! I want my green crap back!"

I'm not sure which one of us referred to Caedmon's poop as "crap" (I'll let you take a guess at that), but there has been a new filter installed on both of our mouths as to what words are appropriate to be used around children! They pick up everything!!!


Karis said...

Hm.... teach me about that....
So, the word "crap" is too bad for kids? I never knew that. Is it too bad for an international as well? Hey, PERHAPS, my previous pastor might have said that.

Shannon said...

If it wasn't midnight, I would be laughing out loud! As it is now, I am having the snot snickers trying to be quiet as possible! hahahaha

I taught Shanti sign language as a baby and have done the same for Asha, but Shanti continues to make up signs and ask me what they mean. Yes - the middle finger...how do you explain to a three year old what the middle finger means?