Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Laborers

Last night our team of 6 had the privilege to host another team of 6 people (3 couples) who are planning to move to the Bay Area to start a church in 2010. The 12 of us crammed in our little apartment (with 3 sick kiddos) and enjoyed an encouraging and inspiring evening together. For all the kids to be a little under the weather, they did an amazing job.

I have such respect for people who are willing to risk it all and move their families cross-country to start a church in a region where there have been very few successful church plants (and more than one or two failed attempts). As I talked with the wives, it was obvious that they were 100% committed to this vision...that they were coming because they, too, felt called. Not just because their husbands wanted to come. These were women who are passionate about ministry and seeing the darkness of our city pushed back with the light of Jesus Christ! Thank God for women like that in our world!

These next 18 months will be intense for them as they transition out of their current ministries and say goodbye to life as they know it while preparing to dive head first into a culture far removed from what they are used to . Because we just went through that ourselves, the memories and emotions are still so fresh to us. They will have a million questions and fears. They will face insurmountable odds but will witness countless miracles as God provides for them each step of the way. They will meet people who discourage them by saying what they're attempting can never be done, and they'll meet others who will all but worship them for the courage that they display. Their excitement and anticipation will grow with each passing day, but the work it takes to get here will be hard.

Team Mission Bay, if you read this blog, let me just say to you "It is all worth it." Following the call of Christ at any cost is worth it. There are hundreds and thousands of lives who will be saved for all of eternity because of your obedience to follow the call of Christ on your lives. We are so thankful that you are coming. We have been praying that you would. Before we knew who you were, we were praying for you to come. Before we even moved here ourselves, we prayed you would come. And we will continue to pray for you, and the countless other laborers that are needed to come into the harvest field of the Bay Area. We look forward to partnering with you in the advancement of the Kingdom in the Bay!

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Karis said...

Please be reminded that I am praying for you all, too!