Saturday, January 24, 2009

Humidifiers and Mold

Caedmon is just getting over a cold / congestion and we've been using a humidifier in his room while he sleeps for a couple of weeks now. Our pediatrician recommended it and it really seems to have helped. However, we noticed that all of the moisture in the air is causing some kind of mold/mildew to grow on the walls and around his window. Andy and I scrubbed it all really well and got as much of it up as we could. But I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to clean this and how to prevent it from happening again. We're no longer using the humidifier but what if he gets sick again?

PS- I've only specifically asked for comments a couple of times because every time I get like 1 reply! How embarrassing and disappointing!!! I'm counting on you to make my day by leaving a comment! :-)


marci said...

I wish I had an answer for you. I, too, have been using a humidifier, but no mold...yet.

DrewTM said...

The consensus of the internet seems to say that humidifiers are always a risk for mold problems, only inside the humidifier, or in your house, or both. The only recommendation I have found is to try to keep the humidity below 50% to decrease the chances of mold. I don't know if your humidifier has different settings; you might try running it at a lower setting, but closer to him, so that only the air around him is so humid, and the rest of the room stays more normal. Sorry, that's all I could come up with!

Marcy C said...

In order to clean mold effectively you need to kill the spores that are causing the mold in the first place (or at their source). A solution of Clorox, and water or common household beach, depending on where you are from in this great country of ours, will take care of this problem. You need to thoroughly clean the area (with the solution)where the mold is growing. This is sometimes a difficult task because spores can get in the carpet and other porous surfaces and grow there. Mold needs humidity or moisture to grow. I know someone that was having a problem with mold, this past summer, in the apartment that they are renting. They cleaned the walls where the mold was growing, but the mold continued to come back. They contacted the rental office, who in turn had a professional come out and take a look at their growing problem. After further investigation they discovered the mold was worse than they could have ever imagined. Not only was the mold growing on one wall in the master bedroom where they slept, but also in the closet. The laundry room was adjacent to their apartment and shared a common wall with the bedroom. That is where the mold had actually begun to grow. The apartment complex was responsible for replacing the dry wall and having a professional mold removal company come out clean the area. Hopefully your situation is not as severe but make sure that it is not a problem that was there prior to you adding the humidity that the mold was starving for. I am a firm believer in Clorox and its many uses; it kills household germs and bad bacteria. You must be careful though; it also kills things that you might not want it to, like my beautiful bright yellow daylilies, my bluebells, and my morning glories that so gracefully grew along the stairs of my front porch. You see, I also had a problem with mold and was trying to rid myself of the unsightly black spots that resembled some kind of filth that was growing faster then my beautiful flowers and managed to kill them both.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Marci C. about using Clorox or some other very strong, disinfecting type of cleaner. We had mold problems in our bathrooms in our last apartments and the apartment complex used some kind of industrial strength cleaner. After reading Marci's post, it makes me think there was probably a deeper mold problem than we ever knew.

I have also been told by other North Park residents that mold is a big problem in these apartments. We have been using a humidifier for Katelyn, too, and I am trying to open the windows to "air" her room out as often as I can. Perhaps opening the windows and running a fan during the day when Caedmon isn't in the room to help dry it out might help? Good luck!

Karis said...

Hey Stacie, I had used something before for the bathroom and it's some sorta special solution just for clearing mold. It was ok.

Also, if you don't want to use the humidifier, have you ever tried "Vicks Vaporub" for Caedmon (They have babyrub.)?

I heard that some people added that in some hot water and inhale the steam and it cures. I don't know if you wanna try that.