Wednesday, February 17, 2010

C3: Rise of the Iguana


I am SOOOO excited that I get to attend C3 again this year with my husband and the South Bay staff. Last year one of our partnering churches paid for Andy and I to attend C3 at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX. It was such a time of refreshment and inspiration for us. The whole time we were there, we kept saying how we wished our staff was with us. This year we were able to bring a team of ten people! Filipe and Mandy couldn't make it due to having a very new addition in their family, but everyone else is here. 

So today we are flying to TX and we'll be coming back on Saturday. I'm looking forward to taking lots of notes and I hope to pass on a few nuggets to you! 

(My precious friend, Lina, is taking care of Caedmon. Caedmon on steroids. Pray that he'll be a good boy for her!)

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Karis said...

Can't believe that the Woods and The Sanders were in TX the same time... and did you guys get together?