Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fear & Uncertainty

"Fear should never take the place of joy. Uncertainty should never take the place of passion."      Lisa Young
There is so much uncertainty about life and specifically about church planting. We didn't know if this church would get off the ground or if we'd be beating our heads against the wall. We never know from one Sunday to the next who will show up. When we change something or start something new we don't know if it will work, how to plan, if anyone will come, etc... 

That uncertainty can lead to fear which has the potential to derail your willingness to take risks and live by faith. But when we pull into ourselves seeking our own security or comfortability, we lose all sense of deep joy and driving passion. Meaning, purpose, and significance gets lost in attempts to live a pain-free life. 

Growth requires uncertainty. But the level of joy awaiting those who will risk it all and, in so doing, prove God's faithfulness is unmatched by any other lifestyle.

(These are my reflections on Lisa Young's 
time with the pastors' wives at C3.)

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