Friday, February 5, 2010

Today is our DTE!!!

What does DTE stand for? Dossier To Ethiopia! That's right, all of our paperwork is currently boarding a FedEx plane to be shipped to Ethiopia! Once it arrives, we could literally receive a referral for our child at any time. The typical wait time is 3-4 months. That's when we'll get his photo and any info they know about him. Then we'll have to wait another couple months before we're able to go get him. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.!!!!

So, in honor of this monumental day, I thought I'd share with you some prayers that I've been praying for our son, affectionately called "Flash" for the time being:

  • for our paperwork to arrive in Ethiopia and be processed with no hold-ups or delays
  • that God would Sovereignly pick the exact child He wants to be in our family and that that would be the referral we would receive
  • provision for our son-- food to eat, clean water/milk to drink, clothes to wear, a blanket to keep him warm, appropriate medical care
  • protection from evil-- that he would not be abused or neglected, that he wouldn't see abuse or other brutal crimes
  • that he would be resilient-- he's not an orphan because he comes from a well adjusted, loving family with plenty of resource. He will likely have experienced some trauma in his young life. I'm praying that these events will not define him, but that his personality and psychological health would resiliently bounce back once he's placed in a loving, nurturing family.
  • that there would be a caretaker who genuinely takes interest in him. That he/she would look in his eyes, speak gently with him, kiss his little face, and tell him that he is loved. 
  • that he would attach to Andy and me without complication...that the transition into our family would be one of great joy and feelings of security and love instead of confusion and distrust.
  • that we would be able to go get him by the end of July at the latest
  • that God would provide for us financially as we pay for the remaining adoption expenses.
 Thank you for your prayers on our behalf!

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shauna said...

We're excited for all of you and look forward to meeting FLASH one day! Praying for him and you today!