Monday, March 1, 2010


Wow. If you missed South Bay yesterday, you missed out! There is not way this recap could ever do justice to how amazing those services were. There were all kinds of special elements to the service. For example:

1- The guys who parked cars wore birthday hats (kinda cheesy, I know. But it made everyone realize from the time they drove into the parking lot that it was a special day.)

2- The stage was decorated with cardboard boxes representing each month of South Bay's history. On each box was written a number representing the number of people who made first time decisions to follow Christ that month.

3- The staff (mainly Archie) put together this awesome year-in-review video that really captures the whole story of South Bay.

Year in Review from South Bay Church on Vimeo.

4- Andy preached an incredible sermon about the significance of one life. He reminded our church of God's passion for the one lost soul and that we as individuals and as a church need to be about reaching that one person. Andy said, "When we lose our passion for the individual life, we lose touch with the heart of God."

5- We ended the service with "Cardboard Testimonies". Not sure if you've ever seen this done, but there was not a dry eye in the room. It is such a powerful display of God's grace in each individual's life. It was truly a moving and powerful worship experience. I hope to post our video of this soon. It's not available yet.

We praise God for all that He has done in our midst over this past year and we look forward with great expectations for all that He will do in the coming year. The best is yet to come!!!

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Karis said...

Awww... Did you guys get a video of the cardboard testimonies?
Thanks, Stacie, for sharing all that God has been doing in the midst of South Bay Church. I am glad to be able to rejoice with you all and be part of this ministry through praying with you all! :)