Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This is unheard of...I have never left Caedmon overnight twice within a two week time period. Maybe that means I don't get out much or maybe it's just representative of the fact that we don't have any family living within 3,000 miles of us. But nevertheless, I am leaving (AGAIN) on a jet plane and I would be lying to say I'm not excited!
Two weeks ago our staff went to C3 at Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. Today my friend/fellow SB pastor's wife, Kendall, and I are flying to Corpus Christi, TX for the Glo Conference at Bay Area Fellowship. The past few months, Andy has been in a coaching network with Bil Cornelius who is the pastor of Bay Area Fellowship. Their church is hosting a women's conference and Bil's wife, Jessica, has invited all of the wives from the coaching network to come.

My husband is THE BEST for working it out for Kendall and me to be able to go to it. I'm really looking forward to hearing Christine Caine as she teaches and getting to meet a lot of other pastor's wives. One really cool benefit to being apart of the coaching network is that we will get to have a "Round Table" discussion with Christine Caine and Jessica Cornelius. I cannot wait to learn all I can from those two incredible women of God. 

So, just in case you missed this line in the previous paragraph: My husband is THE BEST. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Andy! Look forward to sharing my insights with all of you out there in blog-world!

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