Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday Rewind: What R U saying?

On Sunday, Filipe continued our series on the book of James talking about the power on the tongue. He taught that by controlling our tongue, we learn to control our lives. That's a huge statement, but it is exactly what the Bible teaches in James 3:1-2. When we focus on having self-control in the words we say, that self-control flows over to other areas of our lives.

With the tongue, we have the power to destroy or nourish life. I've been specifically thinking about this in relation to parenting Caedmon. The things that I say to him are shaping the way he thinks of himself, others, and the world around him. I have begun speaking (out loud) words of "prophesy" over him throughout the day. I know...that sounds a little weird. But, I believe that it will have a profound impact on his life.

Here are some examples of things Andy and I say to Caedmon:
  • Caedmon, you are a leader.
  • You are a man of prayer.
  • Caedmon, you are a world changer.
  • You are a smart boy.
  • Caedmon, you are a man of character and integrity.
Honestly, it felt a little strange when I first started doing this. But it only felt weird to me; Caedmon was fine with it. So today, I want to challenge you to speak virtue into your child (or someone else in your life). I think we'll be amazed at the power of our words to help them live up to all the potential they have in Christ!

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