Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday Rewind

We kicked off a new message series this past Sunday on the book of James. In describing this book of the Bible Andy said, "It'll kick ya in the teeth." Hmmm...sounds inviting, huh?

This Sunday Andy talked about the importance of OBEDIENCE to the Bible. We don't just read it for knowledge; we read it to change. His key point was that obedience starts with listening (our head), proceeds to the heart, and is completed with action (our hands).

My favorite part was when Andy said, in essence:

HEAD + HANDS but NO HEART = religious, pious, Pharisee

HEART+ HANDS but NO HEAD = misguided activist (lots of passion, but don't know where to start)

We've got to have all three elements in order to really honor God with the type of obedience that He desires.

The highlight of the service was when three people took a step of obedience in their relationship with God to be baptized! Baptism is always a huge celebration for South Bay! Enjoy the pics below.

We brought the older kiddos over from Bay Kids so they could
celebrate and witness the baptism with us!

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